Are you tired of asking for lab reports? I know I sure am.

This is an issue today we have been dealing with for over a year now.

We as consumers shouldn’t have to ask for lab reports.

It should be freely displayed on your website or your product page.

It should be easy to find.

It’s our right as consumers to know what we are putting in our bodies.

Going forward if your labs are not available on your website we will no longer review or promote your products.

Your lab reports should have your business name on it.

If you are selling us a product that you have decided not to get tested then why should the CBD community buy it?

Yes, that source of CBD that you bought came with lab reports, but what happens after that?

With many new CBD companies mislabeling products, who do you trust?

A few weeks back one company opened up and said they didn’t understand their mg ratio.

That made me think that if one small business owner can make an honest mistake with their labeling how many others do it knowingly.

Your times up. Give us what we deserve.

Do you know a company that refuses to provide lab reports? Tell us.

You have the power to make a change.

Share your comments below.

Remember this is your safe space.

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