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Having the opportunity to speak with Aaron Argueta, Managing Partner of Bailey’s CBD, I had a question come in mind that I felt he had an answer for.

What are some common reasons why a pet owner is interested in giving their pet CBD?

According to Aaron, “Anxiety is #1, arthritis and inflammation is after that. I always like to advise pet parents to be proactive rather than reactive with their pet’s long term wellness and use it daily while their pet is healthy to maintain homeostasis.

Unfortunately, our furry friends are sometimes not able to produce endogenous compounds on their own through their ECS, whether due to nutritional, genetic, or environmental reasons. So by supplementing with cannabinoids like CBD, pet parents can help their furry loved ones stay ahead of the curve of their long term health and wellness.

Inflammation due to nutrition is a big concern for long term pet wellness, especially considering that the majority of commercial pet food is made with inflammation inducing ingredients and/or byproducts. This can build up over long periods of time until eventually that unattended to inflammation can now develop into degenerative conditions like arthritis, glaucoma, skin irritation conditions, hip dysplasia, etc.

So even if your pet is 100% healthy, that is great, that’s the best time to begin introducing CBD. Because it promotes homeostasis of the body’s regulatory systems, including the immune system, our pets can benefit greatly from the immune support that cannabinoids like CBD can provide.

One thing we advise for pet parents dealing with anxiety is that it is a two-fold issue. You’re dealing with physiological & psychological symptoms of anxiety. CBD is great for dealing with physical symptoms of anxiety due to its role in promoting homeostasis of the nervous system, which is bombarded with stress hormones dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine & cortisol when we are undergoing anxiety. But with this, there can also accompany psychological issues to deal with, usually, trigger & fear-based.

So if CBD doesn’t help your pet’s anxiety, there could be one of the following going on:

1) the pet parent isn’t being consistent enough or giving enough. You’ve gotta give it twice daily for at least 2 weeks (1mg/10lbs pet weight suggested use), observe pet behavior, and adjust to increase dosage if desired results are not seen. Your pet may be deficient in its ability to produce endogenous cannabinoids so being consistent and increasing the dosage every 5-7 days can sometimes help.

2) the pet is also dealing with trauma and/or learned phobias and fears that are also causing the anxiety symptoms. When this happens, even if your pet is at homeostasis with CBD, certain triggers may cause a learned response that results in anxiety type behavior; and if this is the case with your pet, it may be time to seriously consider tag-teaming this anxiety issue with CBD added to their daily diet to help address the physiological symptoms of anxiety & behavioral training to help address the psychological symptoms of the anxiety. When we deal with the root underlying conditions of why our pets feel stressed, we can then find new ways to slowly help them feel more safe and comfortable in situations that would normally be fearful & anxiety-inducing for hemp.”

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