The great thing that I love about CBD is that it comes in many forms. CBD alone helps but when its mixed with other goodies it’s even better. Pure CBD when extracted comes in either an isolate or wax form. So, to have it added to other ingredients is better for us all. I was especially glad when I saw the CBD Beard Balm from Cannabody. I looked forward to trying it.

For those of us who use an electric shaver knows that shaving can be a pain. That burning sensation can be a Bi***. It’s really, really irrigating. We always look for a solution to treat it. Being a Navy veteran, we used to get shaving waivers to have short hair due to the bumps some of us got from shaving.

While some people can shave with a regular blade shaver I cannot. It irritates my skin severely. So, I’ve been shaving with an electric shaver for years. I find that my bumps are not as bad as when I was shaving every day in the military, but it still bothers me, and I still get razer bumps and burns. I am always looking for a better skin solution for my bumps and wanted to try the CBD Beard balm from Cannabody.

Having tried everything from High Time Bump stopper to shaving creams I wanted a product that contained CBD. So, to be able to find one with CBD was a treat.


Cannabody CBD Beard Balm Review

Cannabody is a shop by a husband and wife team. Talking to them gave me a sense of passion that I see in their products. They sell not only CBD beard and hair products, but they also sell lip balms, shampoos and CBD bath bombs.

Their CBD Beard balm comes in 2 sizes. A 2-oz. tin can with 25 mg of CBD for $9.95 and a 1/2 oz. can with 10 mg of CBD for $5.95. The color of the Beard Balm is yellowish. The smell is not strong. Very subtle. I was shocked. I was expecting either a rich scent because of the ingredients used.

Cannabody CBD Beard Balm ingredients includes infused frankincense Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, 25 mg organic local Colorado Cannabidiol CBD, Beeswax, Cedar-wood, Bergamot, Tea Tree Essential Oil and Tamanu Oil.

How the CBD Beard Balm works for me

I use the balm once in the morning and again in the evening. After 24 hours of using the Balm I decided to check up on the progress. One thing I’ve really noticed is that my skin was softer. Normal lotions dry up fast, but this Beard balm lasted longer. Even though it’s not greasy the CBD balm made my skin feel moisturized. I can feel the oily texture on my skin.

After a few days of using the Beard Balm the thing that really stood out for me was when I shaved my face. On average when I shaved my skin turns white. This is one of the results of having dry skin. Eczema runs in my family. It’s something that I deal with on a regular basis.  So, the first time I shaved after using the product my skin was not white. I was shocked. My face felt soft and running my hands on my skin wasn’t as rough as what I am used to.

It has been over 3 weeks since I first started using this balm and I am impressed. My beard and goatee are softer, and I have also noticed my razer bumps are going down. I will surely do an updated in the coming months on how things have progressed. I will keep this in my shaving bag.


Cannabody CBD Beard Balm Details

Their beard balm and oils contain only natural ingredients. Frankincense infused avocado oil is used because avocado is a moisturizer and has anti-inflammatory properties, Frankincense and Tamanu oil are known for their healing properties. Beeswax was added to help the beard to keep its shape while Vitamin E and Shea Butter helps to moisturize the beard.

For the price you can’t go wrong. Some everyday Beard Balms and lotions cost much more and are not natural.

.5 oz. w/10 mg of CBD – $5.95
2 oz. w/25 mg of CBD – $9.95

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