COMPANY: Palmetto Harmony

LOCATION: Conway, South Carolina


PRODUCT: Cannabinoid Rich Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

DISCOUNTS: Use code REDDITCBD for 10% off your purchase.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Palmetto Harmony has brilliant customer service that is a step ahead of even its best competitors. First, immediately available on their website’s contact page are a physical address, phone number and also an email address that goes directly to their CEO. I love being able to quickly and easily make contact with CBD vendors as needed. Then, what makes their experience truly unique is direct access to a medical consultant. Connor, my point of contact medical assistant, was ready and available to consult at a moments notice. Since Palmetto offers such a wide spectrum of products, from full spectrum hemp oil to box mod batteries and atomizers for CBD vaping, it’s important to have a resource if questions arise. Their help is extremely beneficial to those new to cannabis as they guide you to the most appropriate products and suggested dosing for your ailment. Finally, since Palmetto Harmony was created by parents concerned with the well being of their children, this translates into a CBD vendor that feels more like family than a business.

LAB TESTS: Lab tests are available upon request and samples were also distributed at during their recent AMA on the CBD subreddit. They third party test for cannabinoids, terpenes, mold, pesticides, microbial contamination and solvents. While I greatly appreciate their thorough lab testing, I urge Palmetto Harmony to make results immediately available on their website instead of by request.

SOURCE: Palmetto Harmony sources their hemp products from seed to sale in Kentucky. All products are grown free of pesticides and herbicides and are extracted without harmful solvents.

INGREDIENTS: Pharmaceutical grade MCT and cannabis oil extracted from the whole hemp plant.

VISUAL: The full spectrum extract oil is transparent and light gold in color with a thin consistency.

SMELL: Deep, earthy notes followed by the sweet yet pungent smell of fresh cannabis.

TASTE: The gentle flavor of cannabis shines through only to be diluted a bit by the MCT. If you have ever eaten cannabis this will be a familiar taste. I prefer an oil with no additives so this is perfect for my needs.

DOSE: There are 20mg’s of CBD per ML of oil in this full spectrum extract. My typical effective dose was 30-50mg taken sublingually.

EFFICACY: As some of you may have noticed, there has been a lull in activity since my last review. From a bout of mild yet recurrent depression to continued acute pain from surgical complications, the weight of the world has been a little more heavy than usual. I found myself falling into negative self thought and depressive routines. After mainly consuming CBD isolate I finally decided to try the Palmetto Harmony Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Even if it’s just a temporary reprieve, sometimes I need a little light to shine through to change my perspective. I feel like the fog may have finally lifted a bit following my consumption of this extract oil. I am a little more hopeful and am not focusing on all my triggers that cause panic attacks. I feel calm and like myself again. This may have been the kick I needed to get my groove back. I really seem to benefit from full spectrum extracts versus just isolated CBD.

OPPORTUNITIES: Lab testing is such a key element when it comes to CBD vendors. What we ingest, especially as medical patients or by treating our children, may either help us or hurt us. Palmetto Harmony does all the applicable testing, but they don’t make results accessible on their website. When I am shopping for CBD, if I am not able to immediately find results I typically move on to the next vendor. I don’t want to move on to the next vendor this time so please make your lab results immediately available.

OVERALL: Palmetto Harmony was founded by parents concerned for their ailing children and this makes them feel like family. Their unique access to a medical assistant provides stand out customer service. Also, Palmetto recently did an AMA for the CBD subreddit showing they are accessible on many fronts. They strive for organic practices from seed to sale and grow their hemp domestically in Kentucky. Lab tests are performed for all their products and hopefully they will make results more readily available. The Full Spectrum Hemp Extract was a pleasant and effective surprise. Palmetto Harmony is a leader in the CBD industry and a company I will definitely continue to keep my eyes on.



[The content of this review may in no way be considered professional medical advice. These are my personal observations and opinions. I am not a medical professional. Always discuss with your established medical professional before implementing any changes in your health routine.]

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