Adderall can be very addicting. Especially when it really helps you see the world with a more in-depth and focused lens. I remember when I first tried it and cried because I was actually able to absorb information and have it stick in my mind.

I fell in love with reading again while on Adderall b/c I could actually focus and understand the information deeply.

But the relief doesn’t last… As this pharmaceutical-grade methamphetamine comes with an endless list of nasty side effects that can chronically damage a person over time.

And these symptoms can be dangerous.

It definitely had an influence on my uncontrollable suicidal thoughts and paranoia, for example.

Fortunately, CBD helped me wean off the Adderall. But a question I get a lot is, “Can you replace Adderall with CBD?”

Find out my anecdotal answer by enjoying the video.

Reach out if you have questions!

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