So, can CBD help me? It can also help you and millions around the globe. I like many others have major growing pains as we get older. Whether we are suffering from chronic pain to joint pain to high blood pressure or even diseases like cancer, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis to lupus. CBD can help you.

How can CBD help me?

CBD can help ease my pain, your pain too. Right now, it’s 2:34 am. I was hungry and I went into the kitchen to get a small snack. I settled on sharp cheddar cheese and a few crackers. I wanted something to drink. I knew drinking cold nice was a bad idea. I can hear my nutritionist talking to me. So, I decided to drink something warm. I went and grabbed my Hemp Direct Pure Hemp Tea.

Hemp Direct Pure Hemp Tea is very delicious. Delicious in a taste way. It’s pure. It’s clean. It’s organic. It’s GMO free. Each packet is around 25 mg of CBD. It’s nothing but grinded up hemp plant. You can’t get any better than that. Try it. I’ll be putting up a review next week.

Back to how CBD can help you and me. I have a torn ligament damage in my right wrist. An injury suffered while I was in the US military. Many of us are veterans all with injuries.

I also have an unstable ankle. High blood pressure runs in my family. I have it. I have genetic cholesterol problems as well. These I have under control but can be better.

Recently I’ve been having tons of shoulder pain from carrying my heavy bag on my shoulders and doing DIY work around the house for my son’s birthday party a couple of weeks back.

So, like most of you we are all suffering. We come looking for pain relief. CBD helps by reducing inflammation and relieving pain symptoms. It’s not a cure. It’s medicine. Just all natural that was giving to us.

This one plant has tons of benefits. You can vape it, swallow it, eat it, rub it and drink it. These different methods make it ideal for anyone.

I vaped some CBD yesterday during work. I was in such pain that I took about 6 puffs. I used Hemp Direct 250mg Pure Hemp Oil Vape Cartridge & Pen which I’m also in the process of reviewing.

After a good 30 minutes, I felt much better. Anxiety gone. I felt lifted. A boost of energy. My shoulder didn’t hurt. It felt numbing in a good way. I moved my shoulder around hearing it pop. I knew he pain was there. I’ve been feeling it for a while. I’m used to chronic pain. Past 12 years of my life. The mildly numbing feeling in my shoulder allowed me to be pain free a few hours.

So, you see, yes CBD can help me. It can help you too. I hope you read my post and say “he understands what I’m going through. It may not be worse but he feels pain. He might also be worse than me so I know it can help me as well.”

So, they next time I post a review come read it, post your feedback. Ask questions. This community is here for you. Let’s all help each other.

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