So, I’ve been feeling shitty for about a week. Emotionally I was drained. I really didn’t think about why when I just realized it because I went cold turkey for a week, so I could start using my Bota Hemp CBD capsules.

I made the decision to go cold turkey for a week because I was taking a higher dosage of CBD from Dutch Natural Healing 25% Gold CBD oil that I am used to taking. To do this I figured it would clear my system enough due to it being the first high strength CBD oil I’ve ever taken.

I believe I made the right decision. I’ve been using Bota CBD capsules for a few days now and I’ve been feeling great. I’m back to being motivated again and I’m seeing all the benefits of using CBD to help deal with ailments.

Bota Hemp CBD Capsules ReviewBota Hemp CBD Capsules Review

My anxiety has reduced greatly, and everyone can see that I’ve been happy and back in good spirits. I have not experienced any aftertaste from taking the CBD capsules. This is also a first for me. Some capsules that you take leaves a taste if you burp like an hour after.

Having taken Bota CBD for two weeks I can say that it really helps me. Sometimes we take life for granted and get complacent. There are days where I didn’t take the CBD capsules and I felt shitty emotionally.

Anxiety is a bitch. I can sit there and zone out or I can just feel a cloud above my head that makes me feel uncomfortable. Having CBD to help me deal with it over the past year has been a blessing. I am healthier because I was able to accept life is changing and started eating better.

As I also feel more motivated and I am always thinking what’s next. I feel like I can see my future and I just have to continue working hard helping everyone.

Each capsule has 25 mg of CBD. Compare to others that I’ve taken Bota has more. It’s also full spectrum, so you get all the benefits of other Cannabinoids.

Bota Hemp CBD Capsules Product Description

CBD Capsules are made from pure, 100% pesticide free, non-gmo hemp CBD oil extracted from mature stalks and stems of the hemp plant.

Cost is $99.95

Purchase: Capsules

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