When we talk about therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant, usually the first thing that pops into our mind is CBD, and of course the psychoactive but very beneficial THC. But marijuana does not just consist of cannabinoids.

There are more than hundred other molecules with their own wide range of medical properties. They are called terpenes.

Beyond Cannabinoids: Science and Benefits of Terpenes
Limonene Terpenes have a citrus profile

These organic compounds give cannabis strains their distinctive smell and taste. They can also be found in hundreds of other plants, even some insects, but also in the resin, as one of the main chemical constituents.

Simply said, how one marijuana strain smells depends on the concentration and the proportion of different terpenes inside it. That’s why Blue Dream strain smells like mint and pines, and Sour Diesel like lemons.

Besides the aroma, terpenes are also responsible for the way cannabis produces health effects. This infographic explores the 15 most common terpenes in cannabis and what they can do for our health.

Source: greencamp.com

Benefits of Terpenes

As you can see, terpenes can aid in treating bacterial and fungal infections, help reduce chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, as well as many other conditions.

What is also interesting about terpenes is that they behave very similar to some cannabinoids. In fact, terpenes are very much responsible for the amount of THC that binds to cannabinoid receptors in our body. Cannabinoids and terpenes together produce a strong synergy, improving the absorption of both, along with the many health benefits.

Beyond Cannabinoids: Science and Benefits of Terpenes
Pepper, Spices, and Cloves all produce Caryophyllene Terpenes

Understanding how terpenes work and what they can do for our health opens a whole new door for using cannabis products in medicine and is essential for helping yourself and others receive the full benefits of the cannabis plant.


Article by Helena Miles. Courtesy of greencamp.com

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