I’ve been using The Apothecary Guys CBD Beard Oil for a few weeks now and I got to say I love it. As I previously wrote about using CBD Beard balm and how it helps my skin, well the CBD Beard oil helps just as well.

The Apothecary Guys are a group of men who wanted to make CBD products just for guys. All their CBD products are made to give guys proper grooming practices. Their products are made using CBD Isolate.

The Apothecary Guys CBD Beard Oil Review

I love that the CBD Beard Oil comes in a bottle with a dropper. It makes it easy to apply to your beard. The first thing I do before applying to my beard is to make sure that I wash my beard and face first. Guys, our beards get dirty and can hold germs and bacteria. No one wants to kiss a man with dirty beards.

After cleaning my beard, I apply about 3-5 drops into my hand and rub them together. I then rub the oil onto my face, beard, and goatee. I like to shave off my beard and leave just a goatee. On the days that I do that I apply the oil to my bare face. It helps with the burning from shaving and it also moisturizes my face.

The Apothecary Guys CBD Beard Oil Review

A few days I just added a few drops onto my goatee and the rubbed it all over. I then used my brush to brush my goatee.

I appreciate the care that The Apothecary Guys took in creating their CBD products. If you don’t grow up around barbershops, then the familiar smell will bring back memories. There are no words that can be said to explain the scent. It just reminds me of old school barber shops.

This would make the perfect gift for your dad or Grandpa.

I apply the beard oil to my face and goatee in the morning and in the evening. I notice that my skin is not dry and when I shave the dry white skin is gone. The burning from shaving is also reduced.

The CBD beard oil also can be used on your head. As most men start to lose their hair once in their 30s this is the perfect solution to try and slow down the hair loss. With Ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Almond oil, CBD oil and essential blended oil the CBD beard oil helps stimulate hair growth.

I noticed that my beard is a little more fuller and shiny, but I didn’t notice that the hair on my head is getting any fuller. It’s not a cure and may vary from guy to guy.

Lastly, I asked a variety of women what they thought of the smell and they all liked it. It’s not overpowering. You can be sure that you will leave your house smelling and looking your best.

The Apothecary Guys CBD Beard Oil ReviewThe Apothecary Guys CBD Beard Oil information

Each 1 fluid oz (30 ml) contains 25 mg of CBD.

You can buy their beard oil for $35 ( currently on sale for $20) or as part of a Combo Pack (CBD Beard Oil, CBD Cologne & CBD Beard Balm) starting at $50.

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