Over the past month, my computer has been crashing left and right. With all of the ups and downs including my knee injury and driving cross country, my mind has been stressed. I should have known what was causing the problem with my computer. My nerdiness goes back to high school many moons ago.

When I found out that my hard drive was running out of space, my heart no longer ached. I didn’t need another bill. I am living a life of less is more. Converting to a plant-based diet enabled me to reduce my unnecessary spending on food that I don’t need.

You may ask why I brought this up?

Well, it dawned on me an hour before I wrote this blog that my computer was well made. I purchased it from Dell 10 years ago around this month. I have upgraded it with more memory, a new hard drive, and a new power unit, but the heart and soul of the computer are still intact.

CBD Should be Well Made!

This is why it matters in choosing a quality CBD product. One that will last you, and at the same time, not cost you an arm on a leg.

I visited Venice Beach this past Saturday. Kaleena and I met up with Victoria from Topikal CBD. We chatted for a bit. The main conversation continuously looped back to the importance of choosing a premium CBD product.

We discussed how many brands add a ton of sugar or corn syrup to their products, like CBD gummies. There are healthier ways to sweeten something a person would take as a supplement or medication. There are a lot of brands that also add CBD to those “keep you awake on a long drive” pills that you find in the gas station. I’ve been there. Taking those pills when I drove back and forth from Virginia to NY when I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.

Back then I didn’t know about CBD or how much damage those pills can do to my body. CBD helps us heal, so why should a brand add it something in the product that does the opposite?

CBD should be well made!

We have to push for change

This is why we have to buy CBD products from companies that post their updated lab reports on their website. Why shouldn’t they sell us products from Organic farms?

A well made CBD tincture can help your body regulate itself. Being able to buy a CBD cream from a source that uses clean tools and make sure that their labs are sanitized should be at the top of the list.

If a CBD company doesn’t post their lab reports let us know. You can spend your hard earned money on a company that you can trust. Visit our vetted list of CBD companies.

A well-made product will last. Just like my computer, you should be able to buy CBD that will last you at least a month. You shouldn’t have to keep buying CBD every 2 weeks because the bottle barely works.

A lot of CBD products are watered-down. Their ratio of carrier oil to CBD is way off. I would rather buy CBD Tinctures in a 15 ml or 30 ml bottle rather than a 60 ml bottle.

You don’t always have to take a full dropper to get your daily dosage. Droplets work just as well as long as you know your dosage. This is why labeling on the CBD package is very important.

Remember this is your safe space. Your health and happiness is number one. Don’t let anyone sell you short.

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