Even the most experienced cannabis users have switched to vaping in the past few years. Vaping has many benefits over smoking a joint or a blunt, and it is becoming more and more popular as a way of using cannabis for the past few years.

The cannabis plant itself has a medical potential, especially with its CBD component; we cannot avoid the facts anymore. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid smoking and switch to vaping cannabis.

No Harmful Substances

Smoking is dangerous and harmful to our respiratory system and overall health. We are not going to talk about the danger of smoking cigarettes (which each contain around 4,000 harmful chemicals). Instead, we are going to focus on joints and blunts.

When it comes to smoking cannabis, the opinions are divided even in the scientific circles. Some researchers say smoking a joint is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes, while others have proved long-term casual cannabis smoking has no harm on the lungs.

Either way, whenever there are smoke and fire involved, there’s tar and other harmful substances which we all would like to avoid. Because of the combustion, more than 100 substances are being released including some toxins.

That’s why a growing number of users are choosing to vape over smoking. If you put a high CBD strain into your vaporizer, the device produces the vapor by evenly heating the ground material. And the result is a vapor rich in cannabinoids and terpenes which you can enjoy without worrying about the damage to the lungs.

No Smell, More Discreteness

Cannabis is a very aromatic herb thanks to the substances known as terpenes. It has a unique and very recognizable smell, especially when it is lit up.

However, vaporizers produce the smell too, but it’s almost nothing compared to joints and blunts. Sometimes it takes hours to get the smell of marijuana out of the room, while it takes no more than 10 minutes for aromatic vapor to disappear from indoors. This is because vapor dissipates in the air much faster than smoke can.

Since vaping is almost an odorless experience, it’s perfect for outdoor quick use and public places.

Vaping is More Efficient
Vaping is More Efficient

Vaping is More Efficient

In the long term, vaping is a very efficient way to save money and cannabis as well. Yes, vape cartridges are not cheap, but they will pay for themselves in just a few months, actually.

First of all, you’ll need less weed for an effective dose. Depending on the vaporizer itself, the chambers can fit at least 0.2, which is definitely less than the amount you need for rolling a joint.

Also, while smoking a joint, cannabis burns so much faster, wasting our precious medicine for basically nothing. On the other hand, the vaporizer will make the most of your cannabis stash by producing the vapor without any burning. You get all the benefits without wasting any from burning your product.

You also save money by buying cartridges because they can last longer. Each hit from a vape is completely concentrated oil made from the bud you could be smoking from a pipe. This means a person should need to smoke less from a vape vs flower to get the same effect.

Overall, vaping cannabis is a more pleasant, healthier and effective way to consume your medicine without harming your body and health in general. Although it might seem like a big investment at first, when our health is in question, every penny is worth it.

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