December is rapidly approaching and now is the perfect time to start planning your holiday gifts. There are many cool CBD items for both men and women to give as gifts. This is my Holiday CBD Gift Guide for Men. I will post my CBD gift guide for women in the coming days.

We all have that special guy in our life. It can be your father, pastor or even your UPS delivery guy. Have you noticed that they may be in pain and need relief? What about speaking to them about the benefits of CBD! Here is a short list of items that us men would love to get.

Holiday CBD Gift Guide For Men for 2017

AmazonBasics External Hard Drive Case

I was looking for a reasonable carry case over the summer for my CBD and didn’t find any small ones. Amazon has an awesome AmazonBasics External Hard Drive Case. While the case is made for small electronics it is perfect for your CBD items.

Opening the Zipper, you are greeting with an orange colored interior with a mesh pocket on the left and a stretchable fabric holder on the right. On the left I have my trust Saionara Pico Kit and my CBD Isolates. On the right I normally have a CBD vape pen with a CBD cartridge. The case is only 5 inches long by 3.2 inches width with a depth of .8 inches.

The cost is only $6.49. Perfect for the on the go guy. Can be placed in your car or in a travel bag. Buy here.

The Apothecary Guys Hustle CBD Beard Balm

The Apothecary Guys have put together a nice CBD Beard Kit just in time for the holidays. It included their Hustle CBD Beard Balm, Their Solid CBD Cologne and their CBD Beard Oil.

Their CBD Beard Balm comes in a 1 oz. tin container. The Beard Balm is made from Beeswax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, CBD Oil & Essential Oils.

The smell is very soothing, not to strong and just enough of a scent that anyone close enough can smell. For the everyday man. Price is $20.

The Apothecary Guys CBD Beard Oil

The Apothecary Guys CBD Beard Oil. It comes in a 1 oz. bottle with a dropper. You can rub 3-4 drops onto your beard and skin. It stimulates hair growth for a thicker fuller beard. It’s all-natural ingredients includes sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, essential oil blend and CBD oil. The smell is pure manly. It brings me back to memories of being in an old school barber shop. It also reminds me of smelling items on my grandfather’s counter when I was a kid. Price is $35.

The Apothecary Guys CBD Cologne

Finally, in The Apothecary Guys CBD Beard Kit is their CBD Cologne. It smells very close to their CBD Beard Balm. Its ingredients include Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, CBD Oil & Essential Oils. It comes in a .5 oz.  and 1 oz. tin can. For someone like me who can be allergic to strong scented colognes, this CBD cologne is perfect. It is not to strong, very subtle. I look forward to reviewing it soon. Price is $25 for .5 oz. and $45 for 1 oz.

You can visit their Instagram account at Their website will be launching in time for the holidays.

The cost for the kit is $69.99 with the .5 oz. cologne. If you would like the 1 oz. cologne then the price will be $84.99

Cannabody CBD Beard Balm

Check out my review on Cannabody CBD Beard Balm. It has helped me with my shave bumps and I am no longer have dry skin when I use my electric shaver.

Cannabody CBD Beard Oil

Cannabody also sells a CBD Beard Oil for $24.95. It helps you grow and maintain a healthy beard. Ingredients includes Avocado oil, Argon oil, Vitamin E, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Tea Tree oil essential oils, and 100 mg local Colorado Hemp. Like The Apothecary Guys Beard Oil this one also reminds me of being in an old school barber shop. This one is subtler however. Click to visit their website.

CBDistillery 80% Broad Spectrum CBD Wax

CBDistillery sells an 80% Broad Spectrum CBD Wax. While it’s not full spectrum it however has other Cannabinoids that regular CBD Isolate does not have. It has CBD, CBDV, CBDA and CBGA and all-natural terpenes. The cost is $50 for 1 gram. It has a rich deep orange color. The perfect CBD Wax to use in the Saionara Pico Kit. Click to make a purchase and receive a 10% discount on your order.

Phytodabs Grape Ape High Terp Isolate

Love their products. Phytodabs is probably the best out there with a ton of different terpene flavors CBD slabs. From Isolates to Full spectrum you can’t go wrong. They are always having sales each week. I reviewed their full spectrum slab of Grape Ape but you can also purchase their Grape Ape High Terp Isolate as well. The Grape Ape terpene flavor is very fruity. Give it a try. The perfect Indica strain. Don’t forget to use cbdreviews promo code for 10% off your order on any items not on sale.

Saionara Pico Kit

This is the perfect Vape kit for men. The Pico Kit comes with a rechargeable battery and a Saionara Atomizer. There are 3 atomizer coils that will last you a few months. You can adjust the air flow for better hits. Read up on my Saionara Pico Kit review or you can go make a purchase at Max Vapor Nail.

Tonic CBD Topical Warrior TONIC Roll on

Does that awesome guy of yours work out a lot? Does he have a lot of pain in his joints like me? Well with this CBD roll on he can soothe and ease his pain. Ingredients include Rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, clove, marjoram, and basil. 1 ml bottle with 200 mg of CBD isolate mixture for only $25.

Ying Yang Infusions Terpe Enhanced Strawberry Cough CBD Isolate

Ying Yang prides itself on Terpene infused CBD Isolate. Many of these flavors you will not find anywhere else. Their Strawberry Cough CBD is very fruity. For $30 you cant go wrong. He will love it.

Our 2017 Holiday CBD Gift Guide for Men is full of items that any guy would love. We hope this holiday season brings you joy, peace and pain relief. Stay tuned for our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Women.

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