Can Hemp Reverse Global Warming?

Just like the rest of the world, climate constantly changes. How it changes is truly resulted by the activity of the human race, based on how we treat our environment. With global warming on the steady rise, there is a solution to completely reverse it and it involves hemp.

Rogue Bear Farms: Part II

Rogue Bear Farms documentary part 2 is available now!

Get a virtual tour and learn what makes Rogue Bear Farms different vs other farms.

Learn from farm manager, Raphael, and co-owner/founder, Jeremiah, on how they run their business, their eco-friendly protocols and their mission as a hemp farm.

What are Trichomes?

Whether considering the recreational or medical aspects of cannabis, the majority of therapeutic value of the plant comes from cannabinoids and terpenes. These “miracle compounds” that bring alleviation for a wide spectrum of conditions; from depression and gastrointestinal problems to epilepsy and cancerous tumors.