Terpene Series: Linalool

If you are a fan of lavender then you are a fan of Linalool! Linalool is one of the most universally used terpenes to help alleviate stress. It can be found within 200 different types of plants, including lavender, lemon, and coriander. Its scent is described as floral with hints of spice. The Power of […]

Terpenes Series: Myrcene

Have you ever experienced “couch-lock” from using cannabis? That was most likely contributed by the effects of myrcene, our next terpene in the series!

The Benefits of CBD on the Stomach

Here is part two of our series on The Benefits of CBD.  For part two we will talk about how CBD helps our stomach. Did you know that you can use CBD to help with Gastrointestinal symptoms? Most of us did not know that? We know that CBD helps our brains and is great for pain […]

Properties of Cannabinoids

Here is a good list of the properties of Cannabinoids. These Cannabinoid benefits are helping hundreds of thousands of people and it could help you as well.