I’m Erica – an eclectic witch with a deep love for holistic healing & empowering others’ voices! I worked at a CBD store for 2+ years where they prioritized greed & manipulation over quality & transparency – & lied every time I confronted them.

I refuse to work with those who don’t value honesty & compassion. I refuse to make products that aren’t responsibly-sourced & high quality.

As a woman in a patriarchal society who deals with chronic illness & autoimmune disease, CBD & hemp are literal “lifelines” for me. From PTSD to anxiety to depression to endometriosis, it’s the only medicine to provide any relief whether I’m blacking out from menstrual cramps or having a flashback-induced panic attack. Right now, this plant’s helping me through a severe case of hyperthyroidism, which caused multiple bone breaks/muscle injuries that left me bedridden for months. As doctors repeatedly suggested psychiatry (since our healthcare system’s default is to dismiss the patient’s pain & suggest pharmaceuticals), it took almost 6 months before I was got a proper diagnosis – the diagnosis I suggested at my first appointment!

If I didn’t have hemp or cannabis, I definitely wouldn’t be here now.

It gives me an appetite, calms my joint/muscle/nerve pain, & relieves depression that pops up during a time of feeling stagnant. As a massage therapist, yoga teacher, voice coach, & performing artist, suddenly not being able to freely use my body is a huge challenge. But CBD helps me be gentle with myself & get the rest my body needs.

Erica CBD Story
Erica (@vishuddavision) Picture from Instagram

This has also allowed me to dive more into my herbalist life! I never tire of nerding out over the chemistry behind plants & the endocannabinoid system. Or helping guide others towards paths of self-healing & following their bliss.

Please reach out whenever needed.