Cannabis detox drinks. How do they work?

Cannabis consumption can generate a very heated debate anywhere in the world. There are some calls to legalize marijuana cultivation and usage in many countries, and some countries have already legalized it as we speak. Some proponents support its use, which I agree with them, while others insist it should be banned, I also agree. Don’t get me wrong here; I have never consumed cannabis in my whole life. Let me support my points. Marijuana contains an extract called Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is abbreviated as THC.

Medical research shows that THC can be used in treating brain-related illness and tumors. How? When you consume cannabis, this chemical component is readily absorbed in the brain matter through the bloodstream.

That’s why medical researchers intend to deliver the medicine to the brain section using THC as a carrier. Please don’t misquote me; I never said THC is medicine but a transport because it is readily absorbed. Who doesn’t like medical breakthroughs like this? On the other hand, if you abuse cannabis, it gives you the feeling of being high.

In other words, you experience hallucinations and end up being loud or violent. This is why pot is illegal in many countries because of its effects when abused. The keyword is abused. Fortunately, if you are a frequent cannabis smoker, there are ways to remove cannabis from your system completely. Let’s take a look at those cannabis detox drinks.

Drug tests

If you smoke cannabis, your future employer might schedule a drug test to access whether you consume banned substances like the weed. There are three kinds of analysis; one is the urinalysis. This is a standard test where both the THC and its metabolite THC-COOH are detected.

The second test is the hair test; they test for remains of the metabolite THC-COOH in the hair follicle. Don’t worry, and this method is uncommon. The third and final test is the blood test, this is the most efficient method. You should have a big reason to worry. It remains in your blood for a very long time. So there is a need to cleanse your body. Visit this link for more information on drug tests.

Detox drinks

Multiple ways have proven to cleanse or detox your body from cannabis metabolites. How long it takes to detox can be found in this link. Most of these drinks work by diluting the cannabinoids for them to be excreted faster through urine.

Water and diuretics

The primary test an employer will schedule is the urine test. Remember to pass this test your urine must be diluted. You can reason with me that the more urine you move, the more THC and its metabolite you excrete. The water you drink should have electrolytes.

You should think of cranberry juice or even water that has table salt as an electrolyte. Drinking too much water without any electrolyte is fatal. You die due to water intoxication. In simple terms, drinking water will remove the THC component and the strange color.

Vitamin B

Taking this multivitamin will change your urine color to glowing yellow. If you doubt that you will the test. Take the multivitamin and drink a lot of water, to take care of the THC and the color. In this case, your urine will be dilute and with the right color for the test.

Herbal detox

Many herbal detox powders and pills claim to remove THC through urine. This is misleading the public. Correct if am wrong. Most herbal detox products rely on the fruit pectin, which routes the THC metabolites so that they are excreted through the bowels.

Some plants act to speed up bowel movement; this aids the body remove the metabolites faster. The root plants include yellow root and red clover. These products are readily available at an Ontario Cannabis store. Find more information on weed detoxifiers.


None of these methods are foolproof. The surest way to pass the urinalysis test is to avoid abusing cannabis. If you can’t prevent, reduce the frequency of smoking cannabis. Marijuana has a half-life of 7 days. This means that after seven days, THC levels in your bloodstream reduces by approximately 50%. It is worth noting that the amount of THC in your body depends on how often you consume it, the total body fat and your body metabolism. THC is fat soluble hence your body fat will be releasing it slowly over time into the bloodstream. The herbal detox works but if you are a frequent consumer of cannabis, it may take time to rid your body off THC completely.

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