Are you wondering what machines are used to extract CBD? How sophisticated are they? Are there some that can do small amounts while others do it in bulk? 

There’s a good amount of choices to pick from, so it’s time to dig in. Read on to see what extraction system might work best for you. 

Automated Machines to extract CBD

These automated machines are for people who want to have repeatable batches at the settings that they want. They use relatively little energy and are quite easy to operate. The downside is that they require a large number of plants to be extracted daily, so this is not for casual use… and their hefty price tag (roughly $250,000) shows that.

Supercritical C02 Extraction Machines

Supercritical CO2 is another method that extractors use to get their cannabinoids. These machines come in different sizes that can make small batches or extremely large ones – and their price tags show the difference, too. Their energy consumption also matches their size, with the large ones using up a lot of it. The larger ones are much better used by professional extractors. 

Alcohol or Butane Cannabis Extractors

These machines use alcohol or butane in place of CO2 to get their results. Ethanol is the main alcohol ingredient. People like using these because they are much cheaper than other methods. The drawback is that these can be flammable in certain conditions.

You can get an ice-water extractor, though the efficiency of it is still yet to be determined. There are even travel-sized extractors – though you would want to be aware of state laws when you use it. It also depends on if you want to risk having any chemicals in your final CBD product. 

It’s important to thoroughly research these and also be very in tune with what your situation is. The last thing you want to do is get something that will not give you anywhere near the best value for the money that you pay or take up too much space in a small room. A little extra time and effort doing this will help ensure that you are happy with what you get. 

Want to know what machine is best for you? Talk with the staff at Colorado Extraction Systems – they will guide you to get the best one that will suit both your output needs and your budget. 

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