How to Take CBD for Pain

We hear about people using CBD and cannabis products for pain relief constantly, but how? How many different ways are there to take CBD for pain? How do we use them? What works best? Different CBD Ingestion Methods Internal There are many ways to ingest CBD and other cannabinoids internally. Some of the most popular […]

NYC’s CBD Edibles Ban Has Officially Gone Into Effect

Do you love CBD infused Lattes and other goodies at your local New York City restaurants? Have you thought it was overpriced? Well NYC CBD Edibles Ban has officially begun, the Gothamist has reported.

The CBD Edibles Ban went into effect on Monday, July 1st. 

How to Make your Own CBD Butter

This video series is inspired by VERDE COOKS Cannabis infused cookbook! Join Melissa in her journey of learning to how to make cannabis edibles at home. This video goes through step by step on how to make CBD butter. The industrial hemp flower used in this video is from Fenix Buds. The strain is called […]

Los Angeles first ever CBD Culinary Runway

Last night, I attended my very first Los Angeles CBD Culinary Runway in the Arts District of DTLA presented by Chef Gabriel Jermain and Chef Serita Mac of Pita Plated. The theme of the night was “A Night of Visual Decadence” and it did not disappoint. When I first arrived, I was greeted by the […]

5 Incredible CBD dishes that are worth trying

CBD (Cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive compound is derived from the cannabis plant and has been the main reason behind the growing popularity of cannabis. This powerful ingredient is non-psychoactive and interacts with our endocannabinoid system to provide a wide range of medical benefits. It is been used as a supplement and has a wide range of […]