First off, I just wanted to reach out to the community and to say thanks to those of you who been there for me over the past two weeks. The death of my uncle really hit me hard. Sometimes you truly don’t see it on the outside but after a while you realize the mental toll it takes on your body.

Attending the funeral was really a blessing. I flew up to New York with 3 of my sisters and it turned out better than expected. Tons of people showed up that there were people outside the church that couldn’t get in.

The repast was even better. People everywhere eating food in the basement, the backyard and the sidewalks. My uncle was truly blessed.

With that said I just wanted to say that I feel energized and I hope everyone out there the best and wanted to share a quick success story.

So, I know like most of you that CBD works. We see it ourselves and more and more are starting to use it to help their pains.

But, seeing it physically work is greater than feeling it. I feel pain and anxiety relieve but there is nothing compared to seeing it physically.

In my Hemplucid CBD body butter review I wrote that Roni used it on her legs to help deal with the swelling from blood clots. I was truly amazed to see her legs and toes swollen like a marshmallow go down back to almost normal today.

After she ran out of Hemplucid she started using CBDistillery CBDol CBD Topical. Her ankle is even better today that it was when I posted the review. It’s truly amazing to see with my own eyes the transformation.

Her mother has swelling on her ankles as well but it’s mostly due to being on her foot a lot as a nurse and as one gets to a certain age your body isn’t as strong as it once was.

So, I gave her the rest of my Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical that I had left over. She used all of it up lol. Said she loves it. Helped her ankles go down. I had her tried the CBDistillery CBDol, but she didn’t like it. Didn’t really feel the difference as much. So that goes to show you that some people will prefer one brand over another.

I ended up getting her a new one from Receptra Naturals. Shout out to Chris the lead chemist for taking his time out to sign the receipt with a note. Much appreciated.

So, thanks again. I hope everyone will start sharing stories again and not be afraid to mingle.
Best, Bevon

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