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The history of Hemp!

Hemp is one of the oldest domesticated crops known to man.

Hemp, Cannabis sativa, also called industrial hemp, a plant of the family Cannabaceae, is cultivated for its fiber, edible seeds, and cannabinoids. Hemp is a term for cannabis applied by the government for mostly industrially-produced cannabis meant for non-psychoactive use. 

The Columbia History of the World states that the oldest relic of human industry is a scrap of hemp fabric dating back to approximately 8,000 BC in the Asian regions that are now modern-day China and Taiwan.

The oldest traces discovered in China are hemp cords used in pottery filled with hemp seed and oil were used as food. It’s also known as one of the most muscular natural fibers!

One of the fastest-growing plants, it grows in a wide range of climates with a cycle of 108-120 days. Hemp is typically grown outdoors to maximize its size and yield.

The term hemp includes flower with these characteristics:

  • Minimal to no psychoactive effects
  • THC level at or below 0.3%
  • Higher levels of CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes
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