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It is widely known that THC can affect your short-term memory. CBD, however, does not. Studies have shown that CBD instantly improves cognition.

So what does research show?

In one study (1), 134 cannabis users were tested before and after smoking cannabis. The THC content of the plants used by participants was the same in all of the users. The participants were divided into two groups based on the level of CBD in the plant.

The study found that the group who smoked cannabis with high THC and low CBD levels showed signs of memory impairments, while those who used cannabis with high CBD levels showed no memory impairment.

Despite the limited number of studies on the effects of cannabinoids on memory in humans, research suggests that administration of THC impairs all stages of memory, while CBD efficiently blocks the unwanted effects of the psychoactive compound. (2)

Australian researchers also found CBD to be effective in exerting neuroprotective effects and reversing spatial memory deficits in an Alzheimer’s Disease. (3) This is great news for those who suffer from memory loss.

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