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There are so many ways that CBD can help a person improve their workouts through how it affects the human body.
One way CBD improves a person’s fitness is by modulating hormone secretion.

Hormones are tricky… back when I sprinted in track, I was told it was all about endorphins, that it was endorphins that contributed to feeling good during and post workout.

Well, they only play a small part of why that happens.

Recent studies show that it’s actually endocannabinoids that are the main reason why we experience “the runner’s high” or those happy, rewarding feelings during and after a moderate/intense workout.

Endorphins are too big in size to get through the blood-brain barrier to really affect our state of mind. Rather, endorphins usually go into the muscles to provide pain relief.

During a high activity, natural endocannabinoids are also released, which bind to receptors in the brain, creating what we experience as the “runner’s high”. (You can achieve this in many forms of exercise, it should really be called something like fitness high).

This is my favorite state of mind to achieve during a workout because it literally makes you feel like you can go forever on a run, lift heavier in the gym or stretch deeper in Yoga as some examples. And what follows that is a rewarding feeling after achieving or exceeding the workout!

So.. by balancing the endocannabinoid system using CBD, this, in turn, will help a person achieve the “fitness high” more often thus helping the person push harder in achieving their personal goals in their workout.

Happy vibes all around!

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