Steve’s Goods Eucalyptus Base CBD Bath Bomb Review

y week has been busy with hard, handy work, and one of the best ways to wind down is taking a nice, hot CBD infused bath. This time, I ¬†incorporated Steve’s Goods Defense 30mg CBD bath bomb into this experience. One thing I am grateful for is that I live so close to my family. […]

Unplugged Float Essentials Queen Hemp Soaks

My last week has been more stressful than usual. I broke out in a nasty body rash after being bit by a mosquito. It brought my self-esteem down significantly and it kicked in my depression. I’m also yearning a muscle strain back to normal after pulling it on a long run. Working out is one […]

Kamala’s Nectar Bliss Bath Bomb Review

Kamala’s Nectar Bliss Bath Bomb was a heavenly treat after enduring a hill-filled 6-mile run. My legs were especially sore today because previously, I had taken a few days to rest after tweaking a calf muscle. The bath bomb was beautifully handmade with real flower petals included. I could smell its fragrance outside the packaging. […]

Hot Mess Kushmetics High Jump Bath Bomb Review

Most of you know that I have been dealing with bad muscle spasms and a pinched nerve for almost 3 weeks now. It really sucks. Being that I work on the computer all day having neck, back and shoulder pain has its challenges. I went to the ER on a Saturday morning at 3 am. […]